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Solar Supercapacitor Brings Hydrogen Cars Closer to Reality Solar Supercapacitor Brings Hydrogen Cars Closer to Reality

Solar Supercapacitor Brings Hydrogen Cars Closer to Reality

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Researchers at UCLA have come up with a contraption that can use the rays of the sun to cheaply and efficiently make and stockpile energy that could be used to fire up hydrogen cars as well as to power electronic devices.

One key to the device is its cost-effectiveness, which would permit more people to afford hydrogen cars. It makes hydrogen from a mixture of cobalt, iron, and nickel -- all of which are more readily found and cheaper than other precious metals, such as platinum, that are currently used to provide fuel for hydrogen vehicles.

In a press release, Richard Kaner, the study’s senior author and a UCLA distinguished professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and of materials science and engineering, said, “Hydrogen is a great fuel for vehicles: It is the cleanest fuel known, it’s cheap and it puts no pollutants into the air — just water. And this could dramatically lower the cost of hydrogen cars.”

The technology could be a boon to those in remote locations.

“People need fuel to run their vehicles and electricity to run their devices,” Kaner said. “Now you can make both electricity and fuel with a single device.”

The super capacitor could be leveraged in bigger cities that have to come up with methods for stockpiling excess electricity from power grids.

The device is said to be environmentally friendly, since it doesn't rely on fossil fuels, as other hydrogen-producing methods do.

Mir Mousavi, a co-author of the study, added, “For hydrogen cars to be widely used, there remains a need for a technology that safely stores large quantities of hydrogen at normal pressure and temperature, instead of the pressurized cylinders that are currently in use."

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