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France to Host World’s Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse France to Host World’s Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse

France to Host World’s Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse

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How large?

The project, named Tropicalia and planned for Northern France, is expected to cover 215,278 sq ft (20,000 sq m), or almost five aces in total.

Instead of glass, the project will use an air-filled plastic substance that's been used in projects such as the United Kingdom's Eden Project and the National Aquatic Center in Beijing.

The structure will allow for a natural greenhouse effect that will maintain a steady interior temperature of 82.4° F (28° C). However, it is expected that some kind of ventilation will be needed to prevent overheating; it's possible that excess heat could be transmitted to the area near the dome or even stored.

According to a report from New Atlas, the dome's interior will feature animals native to tropical regions, such as fish, turtles, hummingbirds, caimans, and butterflies, as well as abundant green plant life, including exotic flowers. Visitors can navigate a 0.62 mile (1 km)-long footpath through a meticulously landscaped area dotted with pools, bridges, aquarian basins, and waterfalls. The dome will also include a place for scientists, guesthouses, veterinary clinic, restaurant, and hotel.

Construction is expected to begin sometime in 2019 and come to completion the following year. The architects for the project, Codelfy & Associates, anticipates that Tropicalia will draw upwards of 500,000 visitors a year.

A rendering of the project on the architectural firm's website shows scores of spaces for automobiles. One wonders whether, as the project continues to develop, the firm will include public transportation options that will limit the emissions of vehicles in the area.

The building appears to be situated against the landscape in such a way as to appear a natural enough part of it.

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