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This Needle Knows Its Way Around Your Body This Needle Knows Its Way Around Your Body

This Needle Knows Its Way Around Your Body

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While hollow needles and syringes have been delivering medication for more than 100 years, their precise placement and operation depends upon the skills of the person using them. Even when those are top-notch, it can be something of a challenge to successfully deliver medicine to highly sensitive areas such as the back of the human eye.

Recently, researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital came up with a sophisticated injecting device for tissue-targeting (called an i2T2) that picks up on modulations in resistance so as to safely and properly deliver medicine in preclinical trials.

Jeff Karp, PhD, Professor of Medicine at the Brigham as well as senior corresponding author, said in a press release, "Targeting specific tissues using a conventional needle can be difficult and often requires a highly trained individual. In the past century there has been minimal innovation to the needle itself, and we saw this as an opportunity to develop better, more accurate devices. We sought to achieve improved tissue targeting while keeping the design as simple as possible for ease of use."

One of the reasons that it's so difficult to deliver medication to the space at the back of the eye known as the suprachoroidal space (SCS) is that a needle has to stop right before it makes its way through the sclera, which is roughly just one millimeter thick. The stop must be achieved so that the retina does not suffer damage.

Other possible uses for the new injector include the epidural space around the spinal cord, which is used to deliver the so-called epidural kind of anesthesia during childbirth; the peritoneal space located in the abdomen; and, subcutaneous spaces between the muscles and skin.

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