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Asteroid May Have Once Hit Mars, Creating a Tsunami Asteroid May Have Once Hit Mars, Creating a Tsunami

Asteroid May Have Once Hit Mars, Creating a Tsunami

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As scientists continue to explore the possibility that water once existed on Mars, new evidence suggests that an asteroid strike may have once caused tsunamis on the red planet. For tsunamis to have taken place, water must have been present, so if this theory plays out, it could further the thinking that bodies of water once existed on the planet.

The research centers on a spot called the “Lomonosov crater,” long connected to debris having slid over the spot during a geographical shift. However, new thinking presents the theory that the crater was created by the impact of the asteroid hitting the planet, causing 150-mile waves.

In addition to the crater, scientists say they’ve discovered tsunami deposits between Mars’ northern and southern hemispheres. This could support the thinking that a northern ocean existed on the planet at one time. The waves were so large, they’re thought to have washed over hills and valleys on Mars, leaving behind the deposits that are still visible today.

This isn’t the first time the possibility of a tsunami has been mentioned. Last year, scientists pointed to sediments spotted on satellite images. However, this is the first time it has been linked to a possible crater.

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