18 Apr
Flowers that Bloom with Your Movements Flowers that Bloom with Your Movements

Flowers that Bloom with Your Movements

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The 3,000-flower display, known as the "Flower Mirror," responds to human movements by blooming as people pass in front of it.

A Japanese department store, Daimaru, has installed 800 motors in a major display window. The engines' collective job: To sprout a layer of darker flowers over the lighter colored varieties.

As Mashable reports, "Each time someone walks past, sensors detect their silhouette, and the corresponding flowers open in bloom."

The display also has the capability of mirroring back a variety of pre-programmed patterns, shapes, or texts -- like a set of letters which, one at a time, spell out the name of the store itself.

Measuring 16 by 10 feet, the display was installed in honor of the department store's 300th anniversary. Its life was fairly short, lasting only until the end of March at the store's Kyoto and Tokyo outlets.

Then again, what else could one expect from a 3,000-item display made up entirely of fresh flowers -- all of which, it seems, were subjected to continual motion? 

Luckily, several videos posted with Mashable's story show the display being assembled as well as in action -- including reactions from various visitors. It only takes a few images to illustrate how it all came together, from the boxes of flowers and greenery to the programming of images into the system.

It might at times appear to be a vain display of human dominance over nature, but the flowers really do bloom and close with natural-looking grace. And the way visitors approach the display indicates that they know their limits over the power of nature, which retains its own kind of independence even while under the control of technology.

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Jim began writing for newspapers and designing for publishing companies at a time when both industries were just beginning to make the switch from manual to digital platforms. Jim lives in Boulder, Colorado with his teenage son.

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