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Badger Vs. Bovine = No Contest Badger Vs. Bovine = No Contest

Badger Vs. Bovine = No Contest

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To be fair, the bovine in question was already dead. But the badger's feat proved nonetheless impressive.

Weighing in at a fraction of his adversary -- one estimate pegged the cow as being four to five times the badger's size -- the badger managed to bury the entire cow carcass over a five-day period.

It all happened in the Great Basin Desert of Utah, reports LiveScience, and just happened to be caught on a time-lapse video that had been set in motion to observe the antics of birds that pick at carcasses.

Turns out that the badger's efforts to dig a hole around the dead cow and then bury it had reportedly never been seen before in a wild setting.

Evan Buechley, the University of Utah doctoral biology candidate who found the footage, said, "Not to anthropomorphize too much, but he looks like a really, really, happy badger, rolling in the dirt and living the high life."

So how did a cow carcass and a badger wind up in the same stretch of desert?

As part of his research into scavenging birds such as vultures, Buechley gamely lugged seven calf carcasses to a patch of sand near the mountains west of Salt Lake City. With the help of some fellow researchers, Buechley secured the carcasses to the ground, set up some cameras, and then left for a week to let the carcasses attract his objects of study.

When he came back, though, Buechley discovered that one of the carcasses seemed to be missing. He initially believed that a coyote or wolf had absconded with the body, but then noticed a disturbance in the nearby dirt.

He promptly collected the video.

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