Mobile Web App Prices


Mobile development covers the website design and development optimized for smartphones.
Mobile application development covers the phone applications designed and developed for a specific smartphone platform such as iOS, Android, Symbian or RIM.

The mobile responsive design prices cover the mobile website optimized for smartphones and are intended as a guideline. It does not include mobile template(s) for eCommerce packages. To estimate a quote we must know your project specifics first since every project is different. Generally a quote is formed on the back of a questions and answers session.

Mobile Web App Prices

Only $900 no monthly fee, no setup fee


  •  Responsive website design is a way to design your website in a way that will “respond” to any screen size

  •  A responsive website keeps all information on one URL. This makes it easier for people to share, link to, and revisit your website. If you have multiple versions of your website, the links pointing to may not benefit your main website,
  •  Did you know that people visit search engines such as Google more than they visit any other website? If your website isn’t responsive or optimized for mobile queries, Google might not show  it to mobile searchers. Sometimes they prefer to show one of your mobile friendly competitor’s sites instead.

We also provide design and development, SEO and optimization services.

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